Hi! I'm Denisha Cleary, Astro-Branding Design Strategist at Denisha C. Designs.

I help introvert spiritual entrepreneurs, business owners, creatives, and thought leaders build their brand identity in a way that feels authentic through heartfelt design and soul-brand strategy.


Denisha Cleary, Astro-Branding Design Strategist
8 years of entrepreneurial experience in Design, Branding + Marketing, and 5 years studying Astrology

My goal is to help you build a brand that people can remember and trust, which in turn, can bring in more money and growth for your business or career.

Imagine if you could confidently share your brand message with the world, without feeling overwhelmed or anxious?

As a business owner, creative, or thought leader, you have something to say.You have a story to tell, a message to deliver to the world; But, you may struggle with expressing it in a way that comes off naturally and authentic to you.Being an introvert myself that also struggled with the same issue, I can actively understand how this can make you feel like you’re stuck and there’s no real sense of growth happening.This is why I strongly believe in serving and guiding others with my passion, and drawing from my own journey to help them build confidence in their business.

My goal is to empower my clients to embrace their unique gifts and talents in a way that naturally attracts their ideal audience with ease and flow.

I apply a holistic approach into getting to know your business by combining my intuition, innovation, practicality, and analysis.Together, we'll transform your business into something that’s real, relatable, and successful.So, are you ready to build a brand identity that's tailor-mad and truly represents who you are & what you stand for?