Luxurious Essentials Massage, based in Detroit, MI, specializes in holistic solutions for chronic pain and limited mobility, with a particular focus on foot pain relief. Through their unique expertise and personalized treatment plans, they guide clients on a journey towards rejuvenation and vitality.
Project Summary
My mission with Luxurious Essentials Massage was to provide a complete website transformation, focusing on their specialization in addressing foot pain. Located in Detroit, MI, Luxurious Essentials Massage is committed to offering holistic and therapeutic solutions for individuals experiencing chronic pain and limited range of motion. The goal is to create a new website that embodies their approach and helps clients find relief and rejuvenation.
Design Objectives
- Specialized Focus: Highlight Luxurious Essentials Massage's expertise in addressing foot pain through specialized content and design elements.
- Fresh Branding: Develop a new logo and updated aesthetics to represent their holistic approach.
- User-Friendly Features: Integrate key features, such as an ecommerce shop, a free downloadable to capture email leads, online booking options, and dedicated pages for "about" and "services."
Design Elements

- Logo: Create a distinctive logo that reflects Luxurious Essentials Massage's focus on foot pain relief.
- Color Palette: Select colors that convey a sense of healing, relaxation, and vitality.
- Typography: Choose fonts that are visually appealing and easy to read for an informative and attractive website.
- Imagery: Incorporate high-quality images that resonate with the concept of holistic wellness and foot pain relief.
- User-Friendly Navigation: Ensure a clear and intuitive menu and user interface for an enhanced browsing experience.
- Mobile Responsiveness: Guarantee the website functions flawlessly on various devices.
Content Structure
- Ecommerce Shop: Display Luxurious Essentials Massage's products and services, emphasizing their specialty in addressing foot pain.
- Free Downloadable: Offer a valuable resource to capture email leads and engage with potential clients.
- Online Booking: Enable users to book appointments conveniently through the website.
- About Us: Provide a comprehensive insight into Luxurious Essentials Massage's mission and values.
- Services Information: Detail the services offered, focusing on their role in foot pain relief.
- User-Friendly Blog: Create a platform for sharing informative content and updates.
- Contact: Ensure easy contact options for clients to reach out with inquiries.

In a nutshell,
I've helped transformed Luxurious Essentials Massage's website and branding, focusing on their specialty in addressing foot pain. Located in Detroit, MI, this project involves creating a new logo, refreshing aesthetics, and adding an ecommerce shop, a free downloadable to capture email leads, online booking, an "about" page, and dedicated "services" pages to reflect their holistic approach to wellness.

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