Meet Renda L. Woods, a distinguished Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over three decades of experience working in diverse settings, including schools, homes, agencies, and private practice. Her educational background and community involvement set her apart in the field.​​​​​​​
Project Summary
I had the honor of designing a comprehensive website for Renda L. Woods, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker renowned for her expertise in therapy, particularly for children, adolescents, and adults. The main aim was to create an informative platform that showcases her services, exclusive Telehealth options, an online store for her "Family Power: Family Training Manual," and provides key information for potential clients.
Design Objectives
- Consistent Branding: I infused Renda's brand colors throughout the website for a harmonious visual experience.
- Informative Sections: You'll find vital sections such as an about page, services, Telehealth offerings, an online store, and rates/insurance info.
- User-Friendly Contact: There's a user-friendly contact form for easy inquiries.
Design Elements
- Color Palette: I used Renda's brand colors to give the website a unified and polished look.
- Imagery: High-quality images convey professionalism and approachability.
- Typography: Fonts were chosen to align with the brand's style, ensuring an attractive yet readable appearance.
- Navigation: A clear, easy-to-use menu ensures seamless navigation.
- Mobile Responsiveness: The website works seamlessly on various devices.
Project Timeline
I worked closely with Renda to establish a realistic timeline for design and development. Regular communication ensured the project's success.
In a nutshell,
In a nutshell, I designed a user-friendly website for Renda L. Woods that highlights her therapy services for all age groups, exclusive Telehealth options, an online store for her "Family Power: Family Training Manual," and clear information on rates and insurance coverage. This platform effectively conveys professionalism and approachability, offering potential clients an accessible window into Renda's expertise.

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