Our client, Creative Venue & Rentals, is based in Stratford, Connecticut. They started small, working from home, but have grown into a large event space that can host up to 450 seated guests and 950 standing. Their specialty? Creating unique and magical events tailored to each client. As a family-run business, they add a creative touch to every occasion.​​​​​​​
Project Summary
I had a wonderful opportunity to design a website and establish branding aesthetics for Creative Venue & Rentals, a business that began as a small at-home linen and event planning venture eight years ago. Today, it has evolved into a large event space accommodating up to 450 seated guests and 950 standing. Creative Venue & Rentals is all about crafting unique, customized experiences, no matter the event type or size. It's a family-run business that specializes in infusing creativity into every event.
Design Objectives

- Branding Aesthetics: Create an aesthetic that reflects the uniqueness and creativity of Creative Venue & Rentals.
- Versatile Event Space: Showcase their expansive event space, highlighting its capacity and adaptability.
- Customization: Emphasize their ability to tailor each event to the client's vision, ensuring a magical experience.
- E-commerce Functionality: Develop an online shop for the sale of decor items.
- Event Hub: Include an event tab where visitors can explore past and upcoming events.
- Booking Feature: Provide a seamless booking feature for event reservations.
- Contact Form: Include an accessible contact form for inquiries and requests.
- Visual Gallery: Showcase images capturing the essence of their events.
- Social Media Integration: Embed an Instagram feed and social media links to foster engagement.
Design Elements
- Color Palette: Select colors that convey creativity and celebration.
- Imagery: Use high-quality images to depict the beauty of the event space and decor items.
- Typography: Chose fonts that align with the business's unique identity.
- Navigation: Design an easy-to-navigate menu for a smooth user experience.
Project Timeline
Close collaboration with Creative Venue & Rentals ensured the website and branding aligned with their vision, while a realistic timeline was established for project completion.
In a nutshell,
This project aimed to create a vibrant website and branding that captures the essence of Creative Venue & Rentals' evolution and commitment to creative, customizable events.

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