Pol, Merced & Associates, LLC is not your typical law firm. Their approach is rooted in a deep commitment to understanding their clients' needs and simplifying the often complex legal process. Helping people is at the core of their mission, and it's the primary role they play.​​​​​​​
Project Summary
I had the privilege of creating a website for Pol, Merced & Associates, LLC, a general practice litigation law firm based in Downtown Bridgeport, CT. The primary objective was to design a website that exudes professionalism, effectively showcases their areas of expertise, and includes essential features such as an embedded Spanish translator, lawyer profiles, a contact form, and a client portal link.
Design Objectives

- Professional Aesthetic: Develop a design that reflects the professionalism of the law firm and instills confidence in potential clients.
- Areas of Expertise: Highlight the firm's various practice areas, making it clear what services they offer.
- Spanish Translation: Integrate a Spanish translator to ensure accessibility for individuals for whom English may not be their first language.
- Lawyer Profiles: Create individual pages for each lawyer, providing visitors with insight into their legal expertise.
- Contact Form: Include an easily accessible contact form to streamline inquiries.
- Client Portal: Provide a link to the client portal for existing clients to access their case information.
Design Elements
- Color Scheme: Select a color palette that conveys professionalism and trust.
- Imagery: Incorporate high-quality images and graphics that complement the firm's identity.
- Typography: Choose fonts that strike a balance between readability and formality.
- Navigation: Create an intuitive menu for smooth website navigation.
- Spanish Translator: Embed a translator to ensure accessibility and inclusivity.
Project Timeline
Collaborate closely with Pol, Merced & Associates, LLC to establish a realistic timeline for website design and development. Regular communication ensures a successful project that aligns with the firm's vision.
In a nutshell,
I designed a professional website for Pol, Merced & Associates, LLC, a general practice litigation law firm located in Downtown Bridgeport, CT. The website showcases the firm's areas of expertise, includes a built-in Spanish translator for accessibility, provides lawyer profiles, a contact form for inquiries, and a convenient link to their client portal. The key message emphasizes their client-centric approach and commitment to making the legal process accessible, especially for those who may not speak English as their first language.

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