Our task is to design a personal branding website for Toshirea Nicole and her unique initiative, Felonpreneur. This personal brand stands for community, collaboration, and bartering. It's all about helping individuals with felony records embark on entrepreneurial journeys and providing them with a distinctive solution.
Project Summary
I had the pleasure to work with Toshirea. Our goal was to build an inviting landing page for Toshirea Nicole's personal brand, Felonpreneur. This page is like the front door to her inspiring initiative, which is all about teamwork, community, and bartering. Felonpreneur helps people with a felony record become entrepreneurs, and it does this in a very special way.
Design Objectives
- Looks and Feel: We want the page to look and feel just right, capturing the spirit of Felonpreneur – community, teamwork, and bartering.
- Easy to Understand: We'll make sure visitors quickly get what Felonpreneur is about and why it's important.
- Community Focus: We'll emphasize how coming together as a community is a big part of Felonpreneur's mission.
- Power of Bartering: We'll explain how bartering can help folks take charge of their financial future.
- Trust and Belonging: The page will tell everyone that trust and being a part of the Felonpreneur community are core values.
Design Elements
- Get in Touch: A simple contact form will let visitors reach out to Felonpreneur easily.
- Social Links: We'll include links to Felonpreneur's social media so visitors can connect and stay updated.
- Book a Chat: A "Book a Consultation" button will be right there for people who want to talk with Toshirea Nicole about business services.
- Book Link: A link to purchase Toshirea's self-published book will be available for anyone interested in her writing via Amazon.
- Astrological Brand Identity: Toshirea's unique astrological birth chart will be used to create a special and personalized brand identity for Felonpreneur.
Project Timeline
The goal is to create a website and branding that truly represents Toshirea's vision and commitment to community and innovation. I've worked closely with her to achieve this, with open communication and collaboration throughout the project.
In a nutshell,
This landing page welcomes visitors to Felonpreneur, encourages them to get involved, and offers access to Toshirea's book. I've also infused a personalized touch by using Toshirea's astrological chart to define the Felonpreneur brand. This landing page embodies the spirit of community, teamwork, and empowerment that defines Felonpreneur.

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