Meet Rum & Tequila Fusion. They're not your average restaurant – they're all about blending the flavors of Mexico and the Caribbean. You can find them right in Downtown Bridgeport, Connecticut, next to the Stress Factory comedy club. We had the pleasure of creating their website and branding, helping them share their unique culinary journey with everyone.
Project Summary
I had the opportunity to design a vibrant restaurant website and establish a unique branding identity for Rum & Tequila Fusion. This Mexican and Caribbean culinary haven is conveniently located at the heart of Downtown Bridgeport, Connecticut, right next to the Stress Factory comedy club. It's the perfect spot to savor delicious cuisine before enjoying a night of laughter.
Design Objectives
- Branding Vibes: I crafted a visual style that truly captures the vibes, fonts, and colors that represent the restaurant's unique atmosphere.
- Visual Consistency: I ensured that the branding fits seamlessly with the existing logo.
- User-Friendly Website: The website features an easy-to-read menu, a form for catering and venue requests, a direct link to order through Grubhub, a gallery of mouthwatering food images, and an events tab to keep folks in the know about restaurant happenings.
Design Elements
- Vibes: The look and feel of the restaurant, from the colors to the mood, all reflect the delicious fusion of Mexican and Caribbean cuisine.
- Fonts and Colors: The fonts and color choices match the restaurant's distinctive culinary blend.
- Logo Integration: The existing logo was smoothly incorporated into the website and branding.
- Menu Display: A delectable, user-friendly menu was created with gorgeous food images.
- Catering and Venue Form: A simple form lets customers request catering or book the venue.
- Delivery Link: There's a direct link to Grubhub for ordering online with ease.
- Image Gallery: We're showcasing delectable food images to get your taste buds excited.
- Events Tab: Keep an eye on the events tab to stay updated on restaurant news and special promotions.
Project Timeline
Throughout this project, I worked closely with Rum & Tequila Fusion to create a realistic timeline for branding and website development. I kept the lines of communication open for feedback and improvements.
In a nutshell,
In a nutshell, I had the pleasure of designing a website and branding for Rum & Tequila Fusion. The website features a user-friendly menu, a form for catering and venue requests, a direct link to order through Grubhub, a gallery of delicious food images, and an events tab to keep visitors informed. The branding captures the restaurant's atmosphere and seamlessly integrates the existing logo, creating a cohesive visual identity that reflects its unique culinary blend.

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